2.6.1 - Miramar Vehicle Spawns

Vehicle Spawns to Miramar


2.6.0 - Miramar

Added new map - Miramar

Erangel has also been updated


2.5.1 - Responsive Fixes

Map Layout has been fixed in responsive layout


2.5.0 - New Map

Preview for the upcoming Desert Map available.


2.4.0 - Build Improvements

A lot has been improved und the hood.


2.3.0 - Map Update, Drawing & Performance

Map update featuring new town - Kameshki

Improved performance for groups with a large number of markers

In addition to group markers, you can now draw paths and shapes into your group. Use the marker tool at the right of the map.


2.2.2 - Ginfo PUBG Android App released

The Ginfo PUBG Map is now also available as Android App at <a href='https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.innovaptor.ginfo.pubg'>the Play Store</a>


2.2.1 - MrBlue and Queenie

Please welcome MrBlue and Queenie as our partners


2.2.0 - Group Descriptions

You can now provide a description for your group


2.1.1 - Ginfo PUBG iOS App released

The Ginfo PUBG Map is now also available as iOS App at <a href='https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/map-for-pubg/id1253070530?ls=1&mt=8'>the AppStore</a>


2.1.0 - Planepath Tool

Use the new planepath tool in the bottom right corner to never forget the path the plane has taken and to see which areas are reachable by parachute


2.0.0 - Redesign & Chat

Groups have been moved to a side bar

Group Managemeng has been moved to a side panel

A Group Chat has been added

Visibility Filter for group markers has been moved to the legend

Optimize Layout of the legend

Car Spawns in garages are not guaranteed anymore


1.4.0 - Bunkers

Added entires to military tunnels to the loot map

Easter Eggs removed.


1.3.0 - Marker Colors

Added option to choose color when creating a marker

Added button to donate for Ginfo

Easter Eggs. Literally.


1.2.0 - Vehicle Spawns

Vehicle spawns for cars and boats have been added to the map.


1.1.0 - Running / Sprinting Time

The distance measurement tool now also displays the time it takes to close that distance running and sprinting.


1.0.0 - First release of the Ginfo PU Battlegrounds.

initial release.